LB Exotics - Very sad thing to see

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I go to go in david's store across the street from his new location that was closed down the location was very very dity and pee and *** every where the anamals were crying and dieing in cadges all over the store he yells at the anaimals and don't feed them all the time this guy is a horible persin and fake as they come don't trust him I should know because I was going to work for him till I found out his true colors he is only out to make money and look like a nice guy dnt trust him he is so willing to even rip you off I worked for him for a few days before I really saw how he was and he never paid me he is a very horrible person and my good friend of mine saw and went through the same thing too

Review about: Un Paid Labor.

Lb Exotics

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I absolutely love Lb Exotics and David!David is the most sweetest person i've ever come in contact with out of all the petshops ive ever been too.

Hes completely loyal and keeps you updated on all the things youve asked for. if you have questions just give him a call or comment via fb and hes there to help you every step of the way. He has an extremely big heart and though his store may be small to some he finds a way to help all animals in need. Just talking to him for a fee seconds you realize this is not about the money, its about the well being and care for the animals.

Thats why he does this. He truly wants his costumers happy but most importantly as it should be he wants the animals happy.

Visit him!you wont be disappointed.

Review about: Positive Experience.

LB Exotics - Relieved To Have Such A Great Store Around

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LB Exotics is a life saver.They have everything you need there and the customer service is great.

I have never had a bad experience there, the environment is very welcoming. The owner is very generous and has even give me free feeder mice in times of need. Please don't bash this store because you are homophobic or otherwise. David has been very gracious and it is rude to spout lies about the store, quit trying to run him off.

What you are doing is a hate crime.

Everyone who goes there knows it's a great place and so is the owner.Stop *** harassing him and get a life.

Review about: Positive Experience.

Shady Business at LB Exotics, Formerly Known As LB Reptiles

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Well, my Husband and I thought that the owner of this store, David, was a great friend but we were quite wrong. David comes off as a sweet, and caring person, but look out! You will find a different, uglier side of him in due time. He will become great friends with you, make you feel as if he is doing so much for you and your pets, giving you such deals and then stab you in the back as soon as he gets the chance. My Husband and I have rescued countless reptiles, some even with habitats and donated them to his store for free, only for him to sell them as soon as he could for hundreds of dollars without even being sure that they were in the best of health first. He pulled this trick on us.

We bought a Tegu from him that he had bought from someone else earlier that day. Knowing the circumstances, I had a feeling that the Tegu might not be in the best of health and that it may not be the pet for us but he told me that I had his word that if it did not work out, he would gladly give my money back. It did not end up working out with the Tegu. He kept having prolapses, even after we took it to the vet twice, so we brought it back to David. He promised me that he would find us a new Tegu as soon as possible, but that was back in July, it is now February of the next year! He has been avoiding my Husband and I at all costs, but finally I was able to get a hold of him over the phone on a restricted phone number. I reminded him of how he told me that I had his word, and yet he says that he will not refund my money and that it is my own fault, that I am abusing his friendship. He hung up on me twice, too...some friend?!

Aside from this issue, he has also ripped my Husband and his company off. My Husband built a webpage for him, entirely for free, but because it still costs money to host a site regardless of your arrangement with the web developer, my Husband's company had to charge him $120 to host the site for the year. He gave my Husband such a hard time about this despite the 6 months of work that he put into building him his website for free. When David did finally write the check, it ended up bouncing! He told my Husband that of course it did because he didn't want to pay for it. The site has since been shut down, however, my Husband has had to foot the bill for the 2 months that the site was live, $20, plus another $20 for his check that bounced.

All I have to say, is really be careful when dealing with this person! He is not the person that he paints himself to be! He is a shady person, and very unprofessional. Just see for yourself when you walk in his store to find all of the neighborhood hoodlums working for him, throwing the animals around while he smokes pot, making fun of all of his customers with them behind the store during the day, and inside the store late at night! You can decide for yourself if this is the place, and if this is the person you really want to get your next pet from. ;)

**FYI: The store used to be called LB Reptiles Only, then the owner changed it to LB Reptiles, but now it is called LB Exotics...Same shady owner of the same shady business, just under a different name.

Review about: Black And Gold Columbian Tegu.



Take his slimy butt to small claims and get your money back.

Long Beach, California, United States #806400

I agree with the negative feedbacks.David is very deceiving and is an opportunistic, compulsive liar.

I've seen him dump dead animals in someone else's trash... Let me rephrase that: dumped dead reptiles in a nearby business's trash.

Not very smart, considering it could trace back to his store if ever discovered.Shady!


I personally know David and everything bad said about him is false and can be used against you in court, leave the guy alone , but the truth is you couldn't do what he has done with that shop.. Love ya David


Sure, where can I get ahold of you? Also, if you're Jorge I'm not interested..



As one of many investors to LB X's and as David's business partner, I take very serious the wrong doing's performed through out the weeks on various different sites.

I personally feel absolutely ridiculous contacting you or interacting with anybody for that matter through this site. Let me keep it short, and let me make something crystal clear to you. You are not only screwing with the well being of David's business but of my own.

I take very personally these attacks toward the shop. "Worse pet store or all time\", "Shady business"? WOW! Without words, this is NOT beef you have with the shop. This is a clear and undeniable attack at David for whatever nonsense you guys should have settled like adults.

I realize the situation and you are completely out of line with your constant badgering and your perpetual harassment. I have plenty of incriminating evidence of slander contra LB Exotics. Infiltration/Spam contra LB Exotics. Google Bomb/Google Washing or manipulating Google search engines contra LB Exotics. Defamation of Character contra LB Exotics. NOT to mention the names AND images you've essential stolen from Facebook without authorization nor consent from those specific individual(s).

This is all very serious, it's far exceeded the petty revenge scheme you've been plotting against David. But nevertheless, I'm not interested in what you and David had differences on what most concerns me is the wellness of the...

I'd like to advise you ISAAC BROWN to cease all this insanity before you dig yourself into a deeper predicament.

I won't be bullied, I won't be harassed, I won't be victim to your internet fear mongering. Got it?

If you want to talk like two civil adults in which whom DO NOT have time for any juvenile internet antics, you know exactly where to reach me.


And be advised that I do not and will not take part in this back and fourth email writing game, played over irrelevant websites.

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Say what you like.And as I said before I will see you in court.

Continue to sink yourself deeper and deeper. Has nothing to do with your company. As a matter of fact. I even had a great website deal with a vendor for you.

But your lack of " I am going to get to it later" does not apply to the world of us hard working business owners. Just such as you did for my website that was THE BIGGEST PEICE OF UNFINISHED JUNK!! As far as my light bill. That is pretty funny.

You know nothing of my money. maybe I should show you my taxes. Also for a guy that has done so well his first year of buisness. I expanded one year later to bigger location.

You dont know anything about me. I GUESS THIS HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO BE ME!

Well you will never have that pleasure.This will be my final word til court.


Ok david, first off perjury is taking quite serious in court. We have tons of evidence to back up our claims where you actually don't. You can press all the charges you want, but the fact is that everything you are saying is completely false and they WILL find that out in court.

You talk about defamation of character, yet you are the one calling my a "hacker" when in fact I have not come close to doing anything like that. In my case YOU are the one that is defamating someone's character. They will LAUGH at you in court because all of your arguments are completely lacking in factual support and you don't even know the definitions of the words you are using. You should probably look at a dictionary once in a while because you look pretty ignorant.

Go ahead and press charges david, I will be more than happy to watch all of your money go down the drain. To file a case you need money and you can barely afford to keep your power on in your house.

If anyone has a case about this whole thing its me and my company. We hosted your site which you failed to pay and still haven't paid. In fact we could call a debt collector on you for failing to go through with payment.

You are so full of it David. It's okay because we have our own witnesses to prove that we weren't "friends" along with alot of other false statements you have made. Oh, btw perjury means that you're lying under oath because most likely you don't know what that means, I thought I'd...

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Yet again I say COMPLETE AND EPIC FAIL! COPY AND PASTING UNDER DIFFRENT TOPIC NAMES! get a life and stop hating on others!


You'd think that you guys would come up with something new and interesting to say by now, you sound like a broken record poison apple, just repeating all of the same stuff everyone else has...seems awfully coached by the way!My arguments still stand though, and I stick by every word I've said regardless of what you or anyone else has to say about it!

As I've said at least 20 times now, others can make up their own mind of whether or not to do business with David and his store...I've only shared my own experience in complete honesty!If it causes hard times for the store, than so be it, not my fault!!!


Attacking a person and their place of business is completely RIDICULOUS.David has been a friend for years and has never once back stabbed or done anyone wrong.

If he was a good friend to you and your husband why not show up to his store? If the matter at hand was not able to be settled via phone or Email you should have went down there face to face. Fact is David has people "HELPING" him run the shop he is not there 24/7. Not to mention he moved his shop recently to a bigger location and is still trying to put the store into order.

David is always running around to rescue animals from other locations and helping find room for the one's he cannot take in. It's kind of a double end sword here don't you think. also fact of the matter is the agreement was for a web site to be made for his place of business in exchange for the Tegu and a few checks for helping him out. Not every animal store has the entire backround on a pet's history from a previous owner anywhere you go your taking a risk on buying a pet.

Once the pet is in the new owners hands it now becomes your obligation to make sure that your pet is in it's top condition, David would have gladly gave you a replacement or exchange for anything you wanted ( TRUST ME I KNOW) he has given me and my sister free animals all the time without question!. So in question what does this solve to sit here and talk poorly on someone else and ruin their credibility? Fact is you have nothing better to do than...

were all adults here so let's put our big boy pants on and all get a life.

One more thing that baffles me you claimed is How David's store was disgusting and filled with ***. If you noticed that and seen these alleged conditions why did you want to work with him? and this goes to those claiming to have been there or visited. Also these Hoodlums you claim are working for him are CHILDREN!

all under the age of 18 trying to get school credit by doing Volunteer work at his store. funny how people jump on the BAND WAGON THE SECOND SOMETHING DOSE NOT GO THEIR WAY. and a small bit of advice ( VERBAL CONTRACTS DON'T MEAN SQUAT) YOU HAVE TO HAVE LEGAL WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION NOTARIZED IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE A LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT. know your business and how to conduct it before you start a project and try to commit acts of hate against someone you were once partners with.

because when it's all said and done YOU are the one that looks like a fool and can be charged with slander, such as emotional damages or defamation to his reputation. defamation of character by sladering his business.

so you might want to STOP with the negative bull *** and re think all this *** your spewing.( LB EXOTICS) has been nothing but nice to the community it serves and there giving to their community!

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See how *** people look when they exaggerate? :grin

But yes, believe it or not your pathetic husband did in fact CREATE A FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUT! Leroy Jenkins? does that ring a bell?

All of the friends on LB Exotics Facebook read over 20 harassing posts. I was just one of a hoards of people to notify David about your shenanigans.

I can't stress this enough, Autumn gal, but ***... grow up!

This is almost to the point to where it's embarrassing.


AutumN your so hot girl.


over 1,000 people, ay? Well you must have been an awfully busy man to have spoken to each and every person! Or were you just EXAGGERATING?!

Well, I'm sorry that to hear that I disgust you, and I hope that you have a lovely weekend as will I!


I have over 1,000 witnesses stating it was not only ONE post, so that's completely debunked. Secondly, fake alias' on ANYTHING is the true 'shady business' conducted by two little kids from Orange County.

But honestly this whole web of negativity you two are spinning is seriously making me sick. I'm truly disgusted.

Listen, Autumn. I just clocked out, so i'm gonna resume my life now. Hopefully you'll find one of your own.


While I'd love to sit and discuss this with you further, I have plans for the weekend so I must bid you all adieu for the time being! :)


Once again, nothing was hacked by myself or my Husband, my Husband did however make one fake alias on Facebook that David accepted a friend request from, after which my Husband posted on his page just letting him know that he was disappointed in the way that he was conducting himself and it was just ONE post, not a flood of them, and as for menacing phone calls, I have not called David or the store even once since he told me he would not refund my money, and my Husband called him once on the day that David sent me threats via Facebook messages.

Just a question, but if David uses his Facebook page as a legitimate business page, don't you think he ought to refrain from hurting his own business reputation by posting such things as I have taken screen shots of and added to this review? Don't you think he should conduct himself in a professional manner? I do.

Lastly, if it is so evident that I'm trying to do anything other than raise awareness about a negative experience I had in dealing with this store, than it wouldn't be as big of a deal and having as much of an affect as you say it is having.

You know what I think is quite evident though? The lack of professional quality in this store and it's owner.


Autumn, I hate to shatter your perfect angel image your so blatantly displaying for your public but David was wronged as well.He has nothing but good intentions.

Take away the fact that your ego was hurt, you seem to forget the fact that David at one point was there to help you guys out. You seem to also forget that emails were hacked, phony alias' were created to flood a legitimate business page, menacing phone calls were made. Need I say more?

Respectfully, your sob stories are meaningless to me.It's evident not only to me but to the others that your out to destroy, and not to raise awareness about a negative experience you had at the store.


Nothing I have said is an exaggeration, unfortunately.In actuality, I have chosen to leave several uglier details in regards to David's character, behavior, and store out of this for the sake of being decent.

It's really unfortunate if David's life is suffering, but I cannot be responsible for it as I have only testified mine and my Husband's honest experience in doing business with him, perhaps he should take care to do better business in the future.

I do however take responsibility for trusting the owner of this store far too much, I openly admit that was definitely a mistake on my part.


Yes Autumn, I did in fact notice you didn't mention "do not shop there...". Doesn't take away the fact of what I stated. Witch hunt at it's purest. Take it or leave it. Posting exaggerated negativity about a shop that's done good for a lot of people is just evil.

It's a shame you cannot see the severity of what you are causing. Not only for the owner's life but for many other lives.

You two will not and shall not rest until you see the demise of a good situation got completely sour. He's not the only one to blame. Learn how to take responsibility for your own actions, and you'll avoid problems like these later on in the future...

Grow up!


It's SOOOOO easy, yet when I go to I still see a redirect to our billing department stating that he owes money.


Also, if it\'s so easy. Where\'s your cousin with down syndrome and where can I see some sites?I\'m very interested in some website work.


I'd like to point out that I can tell that you care for your so called friend David "reptileKid", but this is grown up time. I'm sure he told you a bunch of stories about what happened and you believed them. He's pretty good at that by the way. I want to point some things out that I or any normal person would consider holes in his so called truths.

1. When we made the purchase for the tegu it was only the three of us. That is David, Autumn and I. I know this because it was late at night and we were closing. I don't see how you could have been an "eye-witness".

2. We had the tegu for about 20 days max. Your so called 9 months is a pretty farfetched considering how long we had him. In fact, we have vet bills to confirm when we took it back. It had only been a day or so since we took him in.

3. David didn't stick to his own policy, that's not our fault. He breached it by having what's called a verbal contract between the 3 of us. As a business owner, it's pretty good to stick to your word.

4. David never "warned" us of anything, he TOLD us that he'd refund our money if there was an issue. There was an issue, we took it to the vet because it was sick. Turns out we had to take it back because nothing was working. Again, david PROMISED us and gave us his word, but then again did not stick to it.

5. There's a big difference between website and service. I'm sure you would know ALL about this right?Well, since you act like you do and you...

Website: a file system and location where your files are stored and presented.

Web Service: The company that hosts the files and directs the domain to the proper location.

These are separate entities. I said FREE WEBSITE. I did not say free hosting. There's a huge difference, which you apparently knew nothing about. In fact, I was giving him such a deal that anyone I talked to about it said that I was doing something quite bold and that anyone (David West) that would turn that deal down is an ***.

The setup I was giving him with specs and price was so ridiculously good.

Second of all, the site was great. The problem was that David was too dumb to know how to use it. In fact, he was too "busy" to take the time to learn anything, I don't know what "too busy" was because I saw him doing a lot of sitting around.

It doesn't seem like it was that important to him since he always turned down my attempts to give him the proper training, to even give me any information about the store or to sit down and put something together to put up on the site. It's really his own fault that the site was barren, he chose not to do anything with it, yet he had all the tools.

Also, I didn't *** into anyone's account. I made a new account and david himself added me. If you call that hacking, then I don't know how anyone is safe in this country. Defamation of character, this makes me laugh. David is just mad that we are revealing his TRUE character. If that was the way it worked, then there would be a lot of murderers walking free on the fact that their character was "defamated" since now everyone knows the truth.

We do have lives actually. We have very busy lives that include school, careers and much much more. We just stand strongly against people getting away with disrespecting us and falsifying the truth.

Finally, by your very own statement, "guess what, sugar... we're in America and it's called FREE SPEECH!".

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Yes, I am trying to do everyone a favor actually!You can take it or leave it, just as everyone else can.

Notice I never said "Do not shop at this store," I only suggested to be cautious if and when doing so.I'm sure that other consumers are quite capable of making their own decisions, therefore, there is no need for me to be forceful!


Constructively for the business and for consumers, eh? Hmmm, look's like your doing everyone a favor than :/

Forgive me for saying so but I find it difficult to swallow malicious acts of petty revenge under the guise of good intentions for consumers.

You fool nobody.


I've had no intention of harassing, and I'm sorry if you have taken it that way. As I said before, anything I say and have said has been meant constructively for both the business as well as consumers. If anything, I have been harassed.



harassment nevertheless

pretty low, ever for a "pissedconsumer" dork like you and your hubster.

he won't be beat, i guarantee it ;)


FYI: Cyberstalking can be defined as threatening behavior or unwanted advances directed at another using the Internet and other forms of online and computer communications.

I have not made any threats, or advances! I have only shared my experience and recommendation with other consumers such as myself.


It's considered Cyber stalking to post a review of the store on all the reviewing sites that I use?I think not!

I have made no attempt to contact David, have only shared my experience in dealing with the store on the appropriate business review sites. Defamation of character? Nothing I have said is untrue, and I do have documentation to prove that! However, saying that my Husband hacked anyone's accounts IS considered to be defamation of character!!!!

That IS considered slander!!! Not to mention all of the countless threats... If you ask me, I think THAT is immature, not being able to take bad reviews with the good like an adult.. I am not afraid of anything that either of you, or anyone else has to say because like I said, I have plenty of support to back up each and every one of my claims if need be, and I think that everyone has a right to know both the good and the bad about a business before actually doing business with them.

You should take this as a learning experience as I have, and as an opportunity to better yourself and your business.Taking this constructively would be the best advice that I can give to you as my review was only meant to be taken in the most constructive manner by both the store owner, as well as potential customers.


A message to Autumn;

Honestly, you must have absolutely no life to be harassing and pestering an amazing human being like David. Your behaviour is worse than that of a teenage girl from the OC complaining to her daddy that she didn't get the Ferrari she's been whining about for her super-sweet 16.

I don't have time to post a long winded rebuttal. why? Because I, like David, and like millions of other normal human beings on this amazing planet, have actual day jobs and people and dare I say, LIVES to attend to! So I'll just keep it short and sweet.

I speak on behalf of David when I say, the only person(s)who should be ashamed of themselves is you! YOU KNOW *** WELL what really went down. Being an eye-witness to the exaggerated fabrications you claim are 'truth', there are always two sided to a story, sweetie-pie.

First and foremost, he's a business man. And as a business man he carries out standards, policies, and regulations. In your case, you and yours insisted, if not DEMANDED a same day purchase of a tegu who was brought in, a few hours prior original owner surrender mind you, without a necessary and required health and behavioral quarantine. YOU KNEW very well that this said animal (which has a %100 bill of health today) could be at risk for health deficiencies. David, out of his own mouth WARNED YOU (I was there) that said animal should and will remain in the facilities of LB Exotics (formerly LB Reptiles) until cleared any...

YOU AND YOURS WERE WARNED! But you however, with your 'i want this and that, daddy ... and i want it now' childlike demeanor REASSURED David (who trusted you and your husband)and convinced him to let you have this said animal.

In retrospect, it was a bad idea for him to let a sinister looking couple have the animal, BUT he trusted you ... you betrayed his trust. He gave you countless free product including feeders, supplies, etc. almost $80 a week! And your complaining about an x dollar amount of a tegu that we nursed back to health because of the obvious negligence of the animal that you people ALMOST KILLED. David should be ashamed?! HA!

Let me share a bit of a parallel, if you'll indulge me. If I walk into say Petco (a fine establishment, in which a certain person was shamefully terminated ... if you haven't caught on, i'm speaking of you, Autumn) and purchase a feeble, sickly looking goldfish that I really wanted. Seeing how I'm (in the situation) IMPATIENT, IMPULSIVE, FOOLISH, and just plain ***, i chose to ignore the warning signs placed by the animal and the verbal warnings the salesperson selling me the awesomeness that is the goldfish, i carelessly choose to risk it.

Roughly 9 MONTHS LATER (true story, Autumn, 9 WHOLE MONTHS, THATS 274 WHOLE DAYS) I decide my relationship with the goldfish and I isn't quite working out, so instead of being an civil adult and saying "oh well, i took a risk and it went sour ... life will go on", i decide to take it back to PETCO (did i mention 9 months later?) for a full money back refund.

When I get there I learn that by-gollies, 9 months is far passed means to fit criteria for any respectable establishments refund/return policies ... THE *** YOU SAY?! lol WAKE UP AUTUMN! You cannot be that *** and irresponsible!

David TRIED to accommodate you're complaints in terms of even exchange of the animal but IT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. So rather than being civil and sane, you decide to go on an old fashioned witch hunt!

And if your curious about your former tegu's whereabouts (which I doubt)?. He's in a better home no need to worry, the tegu's *** is over with forever.

Let's move on, because my patience is wearing thin ...

Ah yes, your husbands "free" website (site ... or lack thereof). Let's keep it real, girl. "Free" or not, that was probably the WORSE attempt your incompetent husband has probably ever made. Relay a message for me to him, will you hun... GET A NEW JOB! Seriously, 3 year old niece who has down syndrome can concoct a better site than what you attempted... lol

Which brings me to a very interesting point. If your husband was allegedly providing HIS FREE SERVICES than what is all the complaints about alleged bounced checks? Bounce checks would immediately imply service charges, no? And service charges would immediately imply SERVICE! Something your *** husband did not provide. So David, for sure sent a stop payment! period ... And yes, it seems that he lashes out in anger over facebook but guess what, sugar... we're in America and it's called FREE SPEECH!

That's the end of that. But in addition to my spiel what you are doing is illegal and is considered cyber stalking! NOT ONLY DID YOU *** (or in lamens terms weasel) your way into various accounts but you are on the serious edge of a defamation of character, along with other charges, case on your hands.

You two, seriously get a life. Move forward and end this childish nonsense. End your futile attempts at tarnishing the name of a beloved staple of the LONG BEACH community, because you guys are beginning to give your selves away as sad pathetic loners who are pissed they didn't get there way ... Soooo Jr. high if you ask me lol jesus!

the end

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No, more like you have 30 people to lie for you.You and I both know exactly what happened, so you can say that it didn't all you want to make your business seem legit because the truth still stands.

Shame on YOU for lying! You just keep lying more and more! There are also many people who are witnesses to all of my claims, along with all of the text messages and emails we have ever exchanged with you if it comes down to it. Would you like a transcript of it all?

I would be more than happy to forward them to you if you'd like, I'd even be happy to add them to all of my reviews for your store as well so that everyone can see them.

Let me know!:)


i am not sure what your talking about.i have about 30 people that know how you both are.

you gave my store nothing of rescue anything. so really stop trying to make yourself look like victims, your just sore loosers who have nothing better to do.

you guys are complete weirdos.and your sinking your ship in a law suit


You took advantage of us, and many of your other customers, too!What we have done for you is triple that of which you have done for us.

We gave you countless rescued reptiles, valuing hundreds of dollars each, habitats, reptile eggs, and a website all for free, and you gave us feeder rats once a month, that is a HUGE difference.

Indeed those are pictures from you Facebook, but I don't find them that silly at all, it shows your character in great detail. Being a business owner, you should be more careful not to give yourself a bad reputation like that, it is incredibly unprofessional and yet you do it anyway. I think that the pictures will be very helpful for others to decide whether or not they want to do business with a person who talks like that about his customers and friends.

To answer your question, no, I don't have anything better to do than to warn others about you and your store because I would really hate for anyone else to end up ripped off by you just because I did not share my experience.I'm looking out for others.






You can say whatever you'd like, but you've demonstrated what kind of ethics you have all on your own, and anyone can see that in the pictures that I have provided. By the way, it's not very good practice to lie, we were friends for quite some time until Isaac and I realized just how terrible of a business owner, and friend that you are.


Autaum and Issac Brown, You guys are a mess with this high school drama.this is why I kept you both on a business level.

NOT A FRIENDSHIP TO BE CLEAR. And with this bogus amount of lies you like to try bash my store . I AM ALL ABOUT HELPING MY COMMUNITY AND OTHERS. I AM A GOOD MAN WHO WORKS VERY HARD.

YOU BOTH SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! I gave you guys free supplies for one year. to do my site. After 7 months into it It still was a mess.

So i stopped payment as any business owner would do. I never replaced a tegu that you almost killed by not taking care of your reptiles. LOL AND about smoking pot and hanging out back. I WORK 90 HRS A WEEK TO THE CORE.




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